Thursday, November 18, 2010

Low-Carb Cauliflower Mashed un-Potatoes

So, I've been getting some requests to hear about how my candida cleanse is going. I've been on the diet aspect for about a month and a half now, and have tried two candida cleanse kits from the health food store so far.

The first one, Zand Candida Quick Cleanse, was something I grabbed on the fly. I mainly wanted to start with something non-invasive to see how my body would react to an herbal cleanse of this kind, and I sure got what I wanted! Non-invasive, for sure. I felt no different, really. It helped initially with the yeast infection (brought on by antibiotics earlier in the year), but it came back as soon as the cleanse was done. I did get a little light-headed a few times during the cleanse, but that was the only noticeable effect it had on my body. Oh, and they smelled and tasted like death. Thumbs down.

The next one I started taking about a week after the first product ended. Solaray Yeast Cleanse - it was a little more expensive, and a brand I've used before. Less Ingredients, which was fine because I was taking a couple other immune system and probiotic supplements along with it. I was a little happier with this one. I still didn't feel any different in terms of brain fog, fatigue, etc. but it helped a lot more with the yeast. I just finished this cleanse a couple days ago, and it hasn't come back yet.

I'm beginning to think that either candida isn't my issue (highly unlikely, given the symptoms) or I need something FAR more hardcore than over the counter supplements. I understand this will be a long process, but is it too much to ask to see SOME kind of abated symptoms? I feel like if I fudge and even have a little bit of carbs or sugar while not taking any herbal supplements that the candida will just RAGE in my system again. This makes me so unhappy, considering the time of year I'm doing this. I want to make pumpkin pie and have mashed potatoes with roasted carrots and pickled beets and SUSHI! But.. not all in one meal. That might be pushing it. ;) (I'd probably still eat it though, if given that dinner option!)

Speaking of potatoes, for Thanksgiving I wanted to make a mashed potato substitute that I could have with gravy, and I believe I may have found it in a cauliflower.

You heard me: Cauliflower Mash! With roasted garlic, I might add.

I've been using cauliflower a lot these days, and what better thing to use for a mash than cauliflower? It doesn't have the creamy, starchy consistency that potatoes have, but it's an awesome side dish - especially with gravy. ;)

Low-Carb Cauliflower Mashed un-Potatoes

1 1/2 heads of cauliflower
2 Tbsp. Olive Oil-based Earth Balance
2 Tbsp. roasted garlic (I had some on-hand)
1 Tbsp. brown rice miso paste
salt and pepper to taste
splash of Bragg's liquid aminos
saffron to garnish

Put a pot of water on the stove to boil. Once the cauliflower has been washed thoroughly, cut it into uniform florets, and add to the boiling water. When they're tender, take them out and drain.

In a large bowl or food processor, mash the cauliflower until it's a mostly-smooth consistency. Add remaining ingredients, and mash to combine. Mash, mash, mash! (Can you tell I did this by hand?)

Garnish with saffron and serve!

Do you have any favorite mashed potato alternatives? How do you like to dress up your mashed potatoes?


Mermaidlaughing said...

This is what I used starting last March. Very intensive and quite expensive (My mom paid for mine). Its a rotating protocol because the fungi are very smart and mutate like bacteria do in response to antibiotics. It worked really well...I started feeling some better right away and lost 30 lbs on it. I have a longstanding deep problem. Affecting blood...brain and all my other systems...including filling up my lungs and causing Pulmonary Hypertension...that was my biggest result with the lungs cleared almost completely up. I cant afford to continue and Ive backslid a bit symptom wise since I stopped. I know it will probably be years before Im completely better but I am partway there and know I feel better when I eat I do. Im also taking Solaray Yeast Cleanse for now. Just started it.

Toni said...

I've discovered the mashed cauliflower thing too! It is a really great alternative to mashed potatoes for sure... especially with gravy. I love gravy. Yum yum.

Lyra said...

Thank you, Mermie! I'm definitely going to look into that. :) It's discouraging to take a cleanse and have no real symptom change. I'm glad you found one, at least!

Totally, Toni! It's gravy wonderful? :D

yazzy said...

Lyra, you said "I was taking a couple other immune system and probiotic supplements along with it." Can you be more specific please? My guess is that the first cleanse was prolly just that- a gentle cleanse, hence no obvious abating of the symptomology- however, that doesn't mean nothing was happening. It probably also had you by-passing the nasty side effects of a candida die-off as well. Plus it likely jump started the whole system to get moooovin' on out, the other side ;)
Don't be discouraged hon.

As far as the cauliflower goes, it really does work better with the processor. I've experimented with this and have found that the "pulse" setting still allows for the creaminess but still keeping some substance to it. The key is to not overcook the cauliflower.

Have you already shared the gravy recipe? That would be nice. Ta, and keep up all the good work. Remember, your health IS worth it! ((love))

Lyra said...

Thanks Yazzy.. It can be so discouraging! >.<'

I'm taking Kyolic's Immune system formula, which is an aged garlic extract with vitamin C, astragalus, and a mushroom complex. I'm also taking Grapefruit seed extract capsules, and my daily vitamin from Rainbow Light, Women's One with probiotics. :)

Next time I make the mash I should use the food processor. It was full of pie crust at the time, so I didn't get to use it. :P I definitely didn't overcook the cauliflower. ;)

I haven't posted the gravy yet, but I should! It was divine!

Annabell said...

My husband and I just finished a candida cleanse. We have since changed our diet to a GF diet. It has done wonders for my husband!

Leah said...

I found your blog at Eat This and I'm dying to try the cauliflower mash.

I've been doing a strict candida diet for four and a half months now and it sure is a PITA. I do feel better, though, so keep at it!

Make sure you're taking a really high quality probiotic. The cheap ones are a waste of money. They really help me. Like the first commenter said, rotating whatever you're taking is really important too.

Baubo said...

Delicious! Do you think adding a bit of almond meal would give it a different texture? Just wondering...

Lyra said...

It certainly would, Baubo, but what kind of texture are you looking for? A stickier, more smooth mouth feel would probably require something like tapioca starch. I think almond meal would make it drier and more crumbly...

Anonymous said...

last week our class held a similar talk on this topic and you illustrate something we haven't covered yet, appreciate that.

- Kris