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             Established in 2000, Chengdu Sanhe Automatic Transmission Maintenance Company, a Sino-America joint venture invested by Chengdu Sanhe (Enterprise) Group, is the only professional one in this industry authorized by many brands, integrating in maintenance and reproduce of automatic transmission and sales of spare parts. The company introduced the most advanced and completed professional maintenance equipment and special tools, such as computerized automatic transmission assembly tester, circuit assembly tester, torque converter recycling equipment, and computers specially for automatic transmission test.


              At the beginning of the establishment, the company signed technical service agreement with JATCO and ZF by strict selection, and to be the authorized service provider inChina. Then, the company established cooperation relationship with ATRA, ATSG, SONNAX and RAYBESTOS, meanwhile, became the claims agent authorized by many well-known brands such as Dongfeng Yueda KIA, Dongfeng Citroen, Dongfeng Peugeot, Dongfeng Nissan, Zhengzhou Nissan, Import Citroen, Import Peugeot, as well as the professional processing enterprises for torque converter processing. 

              The company upgraded its hard ware comprehensively in 2010, introduced the original automatic transmission assembly tester (MD66, TESTMAN) from ZF. This equipment can realize comprehensively dynamic inspection and software upgrading program for the automatic transmission (4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed, 8-speed……) of luxurious series brands such as BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Land Rover and Porsche, besides it can upgrade the inspection equipment of Nissan and BMW Mini CVT, achieve hydraulic control and the continuous shift detection, thus improving service quality. 

              As the first professional automatic transmission maintenance company with ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate in Western China and the leader in automatic transmission maintenance technology religion, the company passed through strict selection, qualification authentication and training and devoted itself to provide perfect services and quality assurance for clients. 

          Development History

          May 2000

          Chengdu Sanhe Automatic Transmission Maintenance Company is a joint venture invested by Chengdu Sanhe Group and American Xinghe Company in Western China. It cooperated with ATSG and ATRA (international AT technological association) for automatic transmission maintenance and components and parts, developing a new frontier for automatic transmission. 

          July 2003

          became the claims agent of Dongfeng Yueda Kia automatic transmission

          August 2003

          obtained ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate

          November 2004

          became the claims agent of Dongfeng Citroen (including imported car) automatic transmission

          The Ministry of communications of the people's Republic of China awarded the "auto repair business civilization".

          The company was awarded the Sichuan province traffic hall awarded the "best enterprise of vehicle maintenance and repair".

          Sichuan Provincial Quality Inspection Bureau awarded the "quality, Shou credibility, stresses the rule", service quality standard unit.

          December 2004

          became the claims agent of Zhengzhou NISSAN automatic transmission

          May 2005

          became the claims agent of Dongfeng NISSAN automatic transmission

          Became the claims agent of Dongfeng Peugeot (including imported car) automatic transmission

          December 2006

          obtained the special certificate of automatic transmission issued by JATCO, and signed technical cooperation agreement. 

          May 2008

          to be the professional CVT transmission maintenance plant authorized by Nissan. 

          August 2009

          signed cooperation agreement with ZF officially and became the authorized official partner. 

          August 2009

          became the general agent of FAW automatic transmission fluid in Sichuan and Chongqing. 

          January 2010

          became the famous torque converter processing enterprise

          April 2010

          introduce ZF (MD66、TESTMAN) automatic transmission assembly test equipment, create monomer maintenance for ZF 6-speed and 8-speed transmission and software updating program. 

          August 2010

          became the utive company of Sichuan Professional Car Maintenance Committee

          February 2011

          cooperate with 13 insurance companies, such as Ping An, Da Di, Tai Ping, etc. 

          July 2011

          successfully hold 2011 the first session of new technology training of automatic transmission

          September 2011

          To carry out comprehensive cooperation with USARaybestos

          March 2012

          As CORTECO's TRANSTEC in the western regional total distribution, and to carry out comprehensive cooperation.

          The establishment of the first domestic facing the majority of owners service"and exchange" automotive automatic transmission technology service platform.

          May 2012

          We introduced the PSA Citroen, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford models such as the AW 6 speed automatic gearbox fault simulation tester.

          March 2013

          Become the Ping'an Insurance Sichuan Branch accident automatic gearboxdirect compensation partners.

          Corporate cuture

          Brand agent

          International Cooperation 

          The insurance mandate

          The quality of service

              Company in 2003 through the /CAQC Certification Center of TianjinHuacheng Certification Inc. (CAQC) ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification, fully in accordance with the international quality standard certification system to carry out the automatic gearbox after saleservice. Tianjin Huacheng Certification Center /CAQC Certification Inc.(CAQC) is the Chinese national attestation approves supervisory management committee (CNCA) approved, by China National Accreditation(CNAS) international organization recognized by the. At present the centercan provide ISO9000, ISO14000, OSHMS and ISO/TS16949 system (and itsintegrated audit) certification business and related training. By virtue of their own advantages, CAQC has played a positive role for the introduction of QS-9000 standard, in China promotion. In June 98, CAQC become the first to obtain QS-9000 AIAG accredited certification bodies.

          Professional repair

          Company profile

             Chengdu Sanhe Group is a comprehensive group company engaged in high-grade car business. The company was founded in 1996 May, registered capital of 51000000 yuan. Development so far, and the group of three has been achieved, Rolls-Royce Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Morgan GT-R,Nissan, Nissan INFINITI, GAC Honda, Dongfeng Nissan, Faw-vw audi, Sweden Volvo, FAW Toyota, Guangzhou Toyota, Hummer, GMC, GAC Chuan Qi brand special agent; at the same time have only western Chinamulti brand manufacturers automatic transmission authorizationremanufacturing and professional repair center, the most integrity ofprofessional Guarantee Corporation, Asia's largest vintage car repair display base, covering the whole province 30 shops to repair the chain corporation,the car market after the talent training institute and other independentindustry; to create a classic vintage car appreciation, brand Coffee hall,auditorium, famous galleries, boutique the fitness center, golf driving range,three and gymnasium in one of the three and the car park, to provideprofessional automotive service for customers.

          Family context

          Sichuan region agent brand

          Other regional brand agent 

          The characteristics of the extended service

          The only western Chinese multi brand automatic gearbox factory authorizedremanufacturing and professional repair center, focus on the automotiveautomatic transmission after market service, create automatic gearboxdomestic industry modernization of professional service center.


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          Chengdu Xinghe letter financing Company limited by guarantee engaged inloan guarantees, guarantee of acceptance of bills, trade financing guarantee, project financing, credit guarantee financing guarantee business.

           Sanhe  Trusted financial experts

          Asia's largest vintage car repair display base, concentrated display ofvintage car renovation achievements, to build domestic and foreign car lovers exchange platform.

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